93-Year-Old World War II Veteran and Wife May Lose Their Home

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Zatwarnicki-squareStanley and Madeline Zatwarnicki, Town of Milan, Dutchess County

Mr. and Mrs. Zatwarnicki have been living in Milan for more than 40 years. They built their modular home by themselves, beginning with excavating the basement and constructing the foundation. They always thought they’d live out their lives in their cherished home and had even obtained a variance recently to construct an addition for a live-in caretaker, help that now is needed for Stanley. Since learning of the proposed power line expansion, their lives have been put in limbo at a time when they crave stability. Their home is merely 50 feet from an existing high-voltage power line, and they fear that any expansion will result in their home being taken from them. Mr. Zatwarnicki struggles to understand how he could have sacrificed and fought for his country and now faces a potential government seizure of his property and home. From visits to the local VFW Hall, Mr. Zatwarnicki knows other older veterans in the community also are feeling upended by the transmission lines proposals. He says he and these others are having the well-deserved peace of their later years snatched away from them.