Farm with Retail Business and Workshop Programs Could be Wiped Out

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tranchita-squareAndrea Tranchita, Blackberry Hill Farm, Town of Livingston, Columbia County

For three decades Ms. Tranchita has been raising sheep and llamas as well as chickens. Her animals allow her to produce and sell yarn, fleeces, hats, scarves and other fiber goods. The free-range chickens yield eggs that she sells along with organic maple syrup. Columbia County Tourism markets the farm as a place for visitors to experience. Ms. Tranchita and her daughter offer workshops as well as classes especially or kids. The farm is not large, but the land has been in the family for generations. Ms. Tranchita says that if the expanded power lines come to pass, it will wipe her off the map, and she will lose her home, business and retirement. It won’t be possible, she indicates, to raise animals under the kind of high-voltage power lines that are proposed.