In Home for 50 Years, Lamenting First Install of Power Lines, Prospect of More

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delmater-yard-squareJohn and Barbara DeLamater, Town of Claverack, Columbia County

John DeLamater’s grandparents and seven children were in challenging economic times when they accepted a utility company’s payment to run a power line (including a massive tower) through their property on scenic Webb Road. John, a lifelong Claverack resident, and wife Barbara have lived in that house for 50 years and raised their family there. Proud of their home and how they keep it, they each day are struck by the horrible appearance of the hulking transmission tower just outside their windows. Neighbors all along the road, who maintain tidy homes, also must deal with the monstrous power lines. The Delamaters feel strongly that more towers would destroy their home and be detrimental to their neighbors’ homes.