Modern-Day Homesteaders May Lose Home and Retirement Income

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Ingrid and Alan Kulick, Town of Milan, Dutchess County

The Kulicks have dedicated 20 years and enormous personal effort to improve their home and pursue a bed-and-breakfast inn that would provide retirement income. Mr. Kulick is a contractor who has been joined by his wife in using their own labor to transform a one-story A-frame house into a two-story structure that they planned to turn into an inn that would provide a retirement business. They now are at a crossroads, having learned that if an expanded transmission line proceeds as currently conceived their home will be lost. They fear the worst because in 1997 the Iroquois gas pipeline project took 2.5 acres of their land and provided meager compensation—a settlement they felt forced to accept amid the prospect that an eminent-domain seizure would yield even less.