Resident Fears Loss of Community Character and Home Four Decades in the Making

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John Vanderlee, Town of Clinton, Dutchess County

Having lived with the Iroquois gas pipeline project being forced down their throats, Clinton residents like Mr. Vanderlee feel that the town’s unique qualities will be lost if new, towering power lines come about. According to Mr. Vanderlee, Clinton is a bucolic town with a mix of white collar, blue collar, academia and weekend residents—all united by a love for their town. The power line project would alter the community forever. Decision-makers need to consider less disruptive technologies, including burying lines, that may be more expensive to implement but cheaper and safer in the long run, he says. Mr. Vanderlee and his wife have renovated and expanded their home over the years mostly with their own hands to create a special place for themselves and their now-grown kids to visit. Thoughts of a rosy future in a special place are today being supplanted by visions of a bulldozer crushing the property.