Watch. Share. Call Gov. Cuomo at 518 474 8390.

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We need your help. Please WATCH this six-minute video by filmmaker Jon Bowermaster—six-time National Geographic grantee—to learn how these unnecessary, expensive and polluting high-voltage power lines would be bad news for our electric bills and New York’s energy future. You’ll be left scratching your head and asking, why?


Now, please share the video to help spread the word. New York has better, more forward-looking energy options—as detailed in Ned Sullivan’s Huffington Post blog last week. Please CALL Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s constituent comment line at 518 474 8390 and urge him to abandon this $1.2-billion construction project that will only increase our dependence on aging coal-burning and nuclear power plants. The New York State Public Service Commission is expected to make a final decision on Thursday, Dec. 17, so please do it TODAY.

For an expanded series of Jon Bowermaster films about the Hudson River, see www.hudsonriveratrisk.com.