What’s at Stake

The proposed transmission projects threaten so much of what we hold dear about the Hudson Valley. All of us, whether or not we live near the lines, will be impacted.


Right now there is not a role for public input while this New York State-endorsed high-voltage power lines project undergoes further analysis. The Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition does want you to stay tuned. Please read this update from Summer 2016 and the latest press release from March 2017. The below content is useful for background.

whats-at-stakeProperty values and tax rates

Property values already have plummeted for those close to proposed rights-of-way. Many people simply cannot sell their homes with the threat of these towering power lines hanging over them. And with property values suddenly debased, towns must look to the rest of the community to make up the gap.

Unspoiled views:

The new, taller towers will pass through some of the Hudson Valley’s most scenic landscapes, not only despoiling the special character of our towns—and our quality of life —but jeopardizing a driver of the region’s $4.75-billion tourism economy and other business sectors.

Historic buildings:

Hundreds of historic properties—another engine of the region’s tourism economy—are in the path of new corridors or stand to have their magnificent views destroyed.

Productive family farms:

Lines proposed to pass through some of the valley’s most productive agricultural lands threaten the viability of family-owned farms essential for supplying us with fresh, healthy food and sustaining our towns’ agriculture-based economies.

Health and Environment:

In some cases, the electricity running through the proposed lines could triple, posing potential health risks. In addition, the widespread application of herbicides underneath expanded utility corridors could create environmentally harmful run-off and threaten public drinking-water supplies and wells.